Monthly Archives: May 2017

Stuff vs Experiences

“Fill your life with stories to tell, not stuff to show.”

This week’s quote of the week was found on Joshua Becker’s website Becoming Minimalist. A lot what he has to say resonates with me. I strive towards minimalism in my own way. I do it because of a desire to be deliberate in my life and focus on the things that matter to me. Those “things” really aren’t things at all. They are the people around me and the quality of the life I live. This mindset is about 180 degrees from a lot of the people I see here in South Florida. That’s okay. I don’t judge them negatively for being broke and driving a Mercedes. I’m indifferent to whether or not they judge me for having enough and driving a VW.

Last weekend my daughter and I walked to the local coffee shop and had a nice visit, a couple of fancy overpriced drinks, and then walked back.  I don’t remember what it cost.  Way more than what the coffee was worth for certain.  But the experience?  Priceless.  My daughter spent a lot of time talking about the places we have travelled in the past and where she would like to visit in the future.

We can afford to take those trips much further afield than the coffee shop with our children because the Mercedes isn’t in the garage.  I say garage, not driveway, because our cars actually fit in the garage.  It’s not full of stuff like most of the garages that surround us.  So what’s it going to be?